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When it comes to designing a swimming pool, finding the perfect shape and size for your space can be a challenging task. With so many options available, choosing the right one that meets your needs and complements your backyard can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the top 5 swimming pool shapes and sizes that cater to various requirements and preferences. Let's dive in!

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools are the most common and classic pool shape, offering a timeless and elegant look. They are ideal for swimming laps and playing water sports, making them a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts. Rectangular pools come in various sizes, ranging from small plunge pools to large lap pools. According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, a typical residential rectangular pool size is 16'x32', but you can customize the dimensions to fit your space and needs.

Kidney-Shaped Pools

Kidney-shaped pools are popular for homeowners looking for a more organic and natural design. The curved lines of this pool shape blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, making it an excellent choice for a garden setting. The size of a kidney-shaped pool can vary, but they typically measure between 20-30 feet in length and 10-15 feet in width. This shape also provides a natural separation of shallow and deep ends, making it perfect for families with children.

L-Shaped Pools

L-shaped pools are ideal for homeowners who want to create separate zones for swimming and relaxation. The long section of the pool can be used for swimming laps, while the shorter section can serve as a shallow play area or spa. L-shaped pools come in various sizes, but a common size is 20'x40' for the long section and 10'x20' for the shorter section. This pool shape is perfect for those who want to maximize their backyard space and create a multifunctional pool area.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are perfect for those who want a unique and customized pool design that complements their backyard's natural features. These pools can be designed in any shape and size, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind pool that reflects your style. Freeform pools are trendy in tropical and resort-style settings, as they can easily incorporate features like waterfalls, rock formations, and lush landscaping. The size of a freeform pool depends on your available space and design preferences. Still, consulting with a professional pool designer like Township Pools is essential to ensure the best fit for your space.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools, or vanishing edge or negative edge pools, are designed to create the illusion of water extending to the horizon. This luxurious pool design is perfect for homes with stunning views, as it visually connects the pool with the surrounding landscape. Infinity pools can be designed in various shapes and sizes, but they typically require a larger budget and professional expertise to ensure proper installation and functionality.

Finding your space's perfect swimming pool shape and size is essential in creating your dream backyard oasis. Considering factors such as your backyard's size, your pool's intended use, and your personal preferences, you can choose a pool design that meets your needs and enhances your outdoor living space. If you're ready to start planning your perfect pool, contact Township Pools today to schedule a consultation with our expert pool designers in Magnolia, TX. We'll help you find the perfect fit for your space and create a swimming pool you'll enjoy for years!

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